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  • Aldazábal, Carlos J.

    Carlos J. Aldazábal (Salta, Argentina, 1974) has published the following books of poetry: Monk’s Pride (1966), Why We Want to be William (1999), No One Raises His Voice in Prayer (2003), The Country House (2007), The Bank Is Closed (2010), A Stone to the Chest (2013), The Usual Visits (2014) and Carioca Concert (2017). His poems have been translated into English, Portuguese, Arabic, and Italian, and they have been included in several anthologies, among others, The Open Canon. The Latest in Spanish Language Poetry (2015), published in Spain by Visor Libros.

  • Aveiga del Pino, María

    María Aveiga del Pino (Latacunga, Ecuador, 1964) is a writer, anthropologist and business woman. She graduated with a degree in Medicine from the Universidad Católica del Ecuador and in Anthropology from the Universidad Católica de Quito. She has undertaken research in the areas of Anthropology, Development and Quality Systems on national and international levels. As a business woman she has developed diverse urban projects in Quito (2000-2012). She has lived in Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Honduras and El Salvador. She has published the following collections of poems: Bajo qué carne nos madura (Mantis, 1999), Oc (Abrapalabra, 1993) and Puerto Cayo (Eskeletra, 2000); a book of short stories, Cuentos populares y mitos indígenas del Ecuador (Olañeta/Librimundi, 2003), and the ethnographic study La Pasión de Jesús. Alangasí (Ecuador Ministry of Culture Prize, 2012).

  • Ávila, Cheyenne

    Cheyenne Ávila (Las Vegas, NV, 1994) is a black Mexican poet from Southern California whose work centers around Blackness, womanhood, mental health, spirituality, and the ways these topics intersect, overlap, push against each other and bleed into one another. Cheyenne graduated from the University of La Verne. At present, she is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Mills College in Northern California. Her poem, “In this short film, the black girl becomes a woman,” was recently awarded the 2018 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize.

  • Aza, Alicia

    Alicia Aza(Madrid, 1966) is an attorney specialized in corporate law. She has published the following collections of poetry: El libro de los árboles (2010), for which she was awarded Finalist in the Critic’s Prize of Andalucía; El viaje del invierno (2011), for which she garnered the “Rosalía de Castro” International Poetry Prize; and Las huellas fértiles (2014), for which she was awarded Finalist in the Critic’s Prize of Andalucía. Her literary works have been included in diverse anthologies of international stature. In the field of narrative she has published short stories in several literary reviews. Her poetic work has been translated into Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, Italian and Serbian.

  • Bojórquez, Mario

  • Braggiotti, Susan

    A native Chicagoan, Susan Braggiotti first visited Tuscany after graduating from Indiana University. Marriage to Florentine-born pianist Mario Braggiotti gave her dual citizenship, and she has enjoyed Italy and its people all her adult life. A career musician, Braggiotti has taught and performed in the US and Italy. Between Fantasy and Tuscany is her first published novel.

  • Cabrera Martos, José

    José Cabrera Martos (Jáen, 1977). Poet, literary critic and Ph.D. in the Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature. He has been a professor at Beijing University (China). A spokesperson for the Board of Directors of the Andalusian Association of Writers and Critics and for the International Association of Humanism in Solidarity. He has published the following collections of poems: Sombra deshabitada (2002), Fanales entre el agua (2003) y Goethica (2009). He has been awarded with the Genil Prize for Literature, the National Prize for Poetry by the City of Ceuta and the Francisco Izquierdo Prize in the Essay. His work has been collected in diverse anthologies and translated into English, French and Arabic. He has been selected by more than two hundred critics from more than one hundred universities (Harvard, Oxford, La Sorbone, Madrid, Barcelona...) as among the seventy most relevant Spanish language poets in the world born after 1970 (El canon abierto)


    Remedios Sánchez, 2015).

  • Calderón, Mario

    Mario Calderón (Guanajuato, Mexico, 1951) is a poet, narrator, essayist and literary critic. He holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Literature and is a Professor of Mexican Literature in a Masters Program at the BUAP (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla).  He is the author of nine books of poetry, among which are Trueno del temporal (1996), Vibraciones de la creación (2005) and Deletreo del mundo (2008). He has published books of research and literary criticism, and he is the creator of a scientific method for the interpretation of reading (a form of divination) based on literature, psychoanalysis and physics.

  • Chávez Casazola, Gabriel

    Gabriel Chávez Casazola(Bolivia, 1972). A poet and journalist, considered to be one of the essential voices of contemporary Bolivian poetry. He is the author of four books of poetry that have been published in his native country. There are also three anthologies of his poetry: El pie de Eurídice (Gamar, Colombia, 2014), La canción de la sopa (El Ángel, Ecuador, 2014) and Cámara de niebla (El Suri Porfiado, Argentina, 2014; Plural, La Paz, 2015).

  • Correa-Díaz, Luis

    Luis Correa-Díaz is Professor of Latin American Literature at the University of Georgia

  • Cruz, David

    David Cruz (San José, Costa Rica, 1982). Poet and Journalist. He has published two other poetry books: Nocturnal Swim-ming and Trans-Atlantic. Every story and every character has their side B, just like an old vinyl.

  • Gutiérrez Lozano, Javier

    The Mexican poet Javier Gutiérrez Lozano moved to Belgrade in an attempt to get to know the Balkans. Before his eyes there was revealed a people wounded by war, but at the same time passionate about life, and witha tireless faith in love. Through this book passes therecent history of a country that was once the heart of Europe, Yugoslavia, and the way in which the relentless paths of its nations make suffering a necessary recoursefor closeness.

  • Lanseros, Raquel

    Raquel Lanseros (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, 1973). Raquel Lanseros is one of the most significant voices in contemporary Spanish poetry. Among her most prominent books of poetry are Legends from the Promontory (2005), Diary of a Spark (2006), The Red Acacia (2008), The Eyes of the Fog (2008) and Croniria (2009). Recently, her poetry has been included in the antholo-gy Poetry Facing Uncertainty (2011). In 2014 she published both a book of poetry, Little Thorns are Little for which she received the Jaen Poetry Prize, and a translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s love poetry, Poemas de amor, in Valparaíso Ediciones.

    She has been awarded the Adonáis Prize (second place), the Unicaja Poetry Prize and the Antonio Machado Prize in Baeza. Her books have been translated into English and French.

  • Leyva, Waldo

    Waldo Leyva(Remates de Ariosa, Villa Clara, Cuba, 1943) is a Cuban writer, journalist and poet. He is the author of the following books of poetry:  De la ciudad y los héroes (1974), Desde el Este de  Angola (1976), Con mucha piel de gente (1983), El polvo de los caminos (1984), El rasguño de la piedra (1995), Breve antología del tiempo (2008), Asonancia del tiempo (2009), El rumbo de los días (awarded the 10th Casa de América Prize for American Poetry in 2010), and the anthology Cuando el cristal no reproduce el rostro (recipient of the Victor Valera Mora International Poetry Prize of Venezuela in 2012). He has offered courses on Esthetics and Cuban and Hispano-American Literature. He has directed various poetry reviews, among them Del Caribe and Letras cubanas. His works have been translated into Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Serbo-Croatian.

  • Lima, Alex

    Alex Lima (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1975) moved to Brooklyn at the age of 15. He is the author of four poetry collections, Inverano (2008), Bilocaciones (2011), Alba (Artepoética 2015), and Híbrida cíclica (El Ángel Eds. 2017). His poems have also appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in the U.S. and abroad. He currently resides on Long Island where he teaches as Adjunct Professor of Spanish at Suffolk County Community College. He is currently working on the selected poems of Róger Santiváñez, a Peruvian poet based in New Jersey.

  • Martínez Pérsico, Marisa

    Marisa Martínez Pérsico (Buenos Aires, 1978) holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology from the University of Salamanca. Since 2010 she has taught Hispanic language and literature courses at several universities in Bulgaria, France, Italy and Serbia. At the age of eighteen she wrote her first collection of poems, Las voces de las hojas (Baobab, 1998), which had received First Prize in the “Río de la Plata II” Poetry Competition two years previously. Subsequent works by Martínez Pérsico include: Poética ambulante (2003), Los pliegos obtusos (2004) and La única puerta era la tuya (Verbum, Madrid, 2015), a book that was a finalist in the II International Poetry Prize “Pilar Fernández Labrador.” Her most recent book, The Sky Between Parentheses, came out in 2017. She has been invited to numerous poetry festivals, among them the Festival Internacional de la Poesía in Granada, Spain (2017) and Las líneas de su mano in Bogotá, Colombia, also in 2017. Since 2013 she has been a cultural journalist for La Nación in Argentina.

Showing 1 - 20 of 31 items