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Fangge DuPan was born in Taiwan in 1927 into a wealthy Hakka family in Xinpu, Hsinchu. Most of her early work was written in Japanese because she began her formal education in that language. After World War II, she returned to Xinpu to teach junior high school; it was there that she met her future husband, Dr. Du Ching-shou. In 1982 she became an American citizen. During the 1990s, she served as the director of Taiwan Literature. She was also president of the Female Whale Poetry Society. By this time she was writing in English, Japanese and Hakka as a member of the “translingual generation.” In 1992 she was awarded the Chen Xiuxi Poetry Prize. Her major works are Ghost Festival, Well-Being Drama, Paper Man and Vegetable Garden. She died in 2016 at the age of 89.

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    Fangge DuPan was an early-gerneration poet in Taiwan’s modern poetic scene. She wrote ceaselessly, first in Japanese, then in Mandarin and Hakka, bearing witness to the history of Taiwanese poetry and the social changes in Taiwanese poetry and in Taiwanese society with her poetic creations. The two main themes in her poems are the conversation with the...

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