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  • Lima, Alex

    Alex Lima (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1975) moved to Brooklyn at the age of 15. He is the author of four poetry collections, Inverano (2008), Bilocaciones (2011), Alba (Artepoética 2015), and Híbrida cíclica (El Ángel Eds. 2017). His poems have also appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in the U.S. and abroad. He currently resides on Long Island where he teaches as Adjunct Professor of Spanish at Suffolk County Community College. He is currently working on the selected poems of Róger Santiváñez, a Peruvian poet based in New Jersey.

  • Martínez Pérsico, Marisa

    Marisa Martínez Pérsico (Buenos Aires, 1978) holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology from the University of Salamanca. Since 2010 she has taught Hispanic language and literature courses at several universities in Bulgaria, France, Italy and Serbia. At the age of eighteen she wrote her first collection of poems, Las voces de las hojas (Baobab, 1998), which had received First Prize in the “Río de la Plata II” Poetry Competition two years previously. Subsequent works by Martínez Pérsico include: Poética ambulante (2003), Los pliegos obtusos (2004) and La única puerta era la tuya (Verbum, Madrid, 2015), a book that was a finalist in the II International Poetry Prize “Pilar Fernández Labrador.” Her most recent book, The Sky Between Parentheses, came out in 2017. She has been invited to numerous poetry festivals, among them the Festival Internacional de la Poesía in Granada, Spain (2017) and Las líneas de su mano in Bogotá, Colombia, also in 2017. Since 2013 she has been a cultural journalist for La Nación in Argentina.

  • Moreno, María Paz

    María Paz Moreno (Madrid, Spain) is a poet, essayist and literary critic from Spain. Her books of poetry include:  The Seed Beneath the Asphalt (Botella, 1994), Change in Its Customs (Frutos del tiempo, 1996), Delayed Correspondance (Pre-Textos, 1999), Enemy Geography and Perverse Gifts (Libros del Innombrable, 2005), Greenhouse (Renacimiento, 2007), and The Bellies of Iguanas (Renacimiento, 2012). Moreno is a Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Cincinnati.

  • Oliver, Mary

  • Operé, Fernando

    Fernando Operé (Madrid, Spain,1946). Fernando Operé is a Spanish poet who has lived in the United States since 1978. He is a Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at the University of Virginia. During the past thirty-five years he has published several books on history and literary criticism and sixteen books of poetry. This present collection is a selection from his most recent books and reflects his love of travel.

  • Oquendo Troncoso, Xavier

    Xavier Oquendo Troncoso (Ambato, Ecuador, 1972). Xavier Oquendo has become one of the most relevant voices in the poetic tradition of Ecuador. In his native country, Xavier Oquendo Troncoso is the most significant representative of an esthetic that has as its guiding principle the return of poetry to the people.  He is one of the poets who figures in the international movement Poetry Facing Uncertainty.

  • Prado, Benjamín

    Benjamín Prado (Madrid, Spain, 1961). Prado offers us a rich intertextual collection of fresh and compelling poems.  Inspired by Bob Dylan’s iconic poem Shelter from the Storm, there are references to Paul Celan, Milton, Coleridge. Cernuda, Rimbaud, Lorca, Machado and many others including Pound and Hemingway.  Prado weaves these figures into his text not merely as fellow poets, but as essential to the themes he writes about: love, cities, creativity, loneliness, the sea, the sky, his doubts and his existential searches.  Prado engages us all in his poetry. It is not esoteric; it speaks to everyman.  Gordon E. McNeer captures the essence of Prado’s language and poetic meaning with clarity and faithfulness.  His English is idiomatic and poetic.  This collection will be of great interest to all of us who teach Hispanic poetry as well as to all lovers of poetry.

    Joseph Schraibman

  • Rioseco, Marcelo

    Marcelo Rioseco (Santiago de Chile, 1967) is the author of books of poetry, stories, essays, translations and novels.  His last book of poetry, Domestic Life, garnered the Premio Academia in 2017, awarded by the Academy of the Language of Chile for the best book published in 2016. At present, he is teaching Latin American Literature at the University of Oklahoma, and since 2016 he has been the editor of the bilingual literary review Latin American Literature Today (LALT).

  • Rollón, Miguel

    Miguel Rollón (Navatalgordo, Ávila, 1963) is an attorney and civil servant for the local government. He is a poet, actor, author, composer and lyricist for pop and rock songs in Spanish and German bands. He resided in Germany for eight years. He has participated in several international poetry festivals: Granada (Spain), Pachuca (México) and José María Heredia (Toluca-México). He is the Director of Tribu de Poetas in Madrid and resides at present in Valdemoro (Madrid).

  • Sastre, Elvira

    ELVIRA SASTRE (Segovia, 1992). Elvira lives in Madrid where she has recently received her M.A. in Literary Translation.  Since the age of fifteen, when she garnered her first poetry prize, she has published poems in her blog and in several poetry reviews.  In 2012 she published Forty-Three Ways to Pull Your Hair Out, a collection of poems that was very well received by her readers.  Bastion, her second book of poetry, has been an instant success in Spain.  It is offered here in a bilingual format.

  • Valverde, Fernando

    Fernando Valverde (Granada, 1980) has been voted the most relevant Spanish-language poet born since 1970 by nearly 200 critics and researchers from international universities (Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Princeton, Bologna, the Sorbonne).

    His books have been published in many countries and translated into several languages. He has received some of the most significant awards for poetry in Spanish, among them the Federico García Lorca, the Emilio Alarcos and the Antonio Machado. His last book, The Insistence of Harm, was the most-sold book of poetry in Spain for months and received the Book of the Year award from the Latino American Writers Institute of the City University of New York. For his collaboration in a work of fusion between poetry and flamenco he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2014.

Showing 21 - 34 of 34 items