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  • Rollón, Miguel

    Miguel Rollón (Navatalgordo, Ávila, 1963) is an attorney and civil servant for the local government. He is a poet, actor, author, composer and lyricist for pop and rock songs in Spanish and German bands. He resided in Germany for eight years. He has participated in several international poetry festivals: Granada (Spain), Pachuca (México) and José María Heredia (Toluca-México). He is the Director of Tribu de Poetas in Madrid and resides at present in Valdemoro (Madrid).

  • Sastre, Elvira

    ELVIRA SASTRE (Segovia, 1992). Elvira lives in Madrid where she has recently received her M.A. in Literary Translation.  Since the age of fifteen, when she garnered her first poetry prize, she has published poems in her blog and in several poetry reviews.  In 2012 she published Forty-Three Ways to Pull Your Hair Out, a collection of poems that was very well received by her readers.  Bastion, her second book of poetry, has been an instant success in Spain.  It is offered here in a bilingual format.

  • Valverde, Fernando

    Fernando Valverde (Granada, 1980) has been voted the most relevant Spanish-language poet born since 1970 by nearly 200 critics and researchers from international universities (Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Princeton, Bologna, the Sorbonne).

    His books have been published in many countries and translated into several languages. He has received some of the most significant awards for poetry in Spanish, among them the Federico García Lorca, the Emilio Alarcos and the Antonio Machado. His last book, The Insistence of Harm, was the most-sold book of poetry in Spain for months and received the Book of the Year award from the Latino American Writers Institute of the City University of New York. For his collaboration in a work of fusion between poetry and flamenco he was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2014.

Showing 21 - 25 of 25 items