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Carlos J. Aldazábal (Salta, Argentina, 1974) has published the following books of poetry: Monk’s Pride (1966), Why We Want to be William (1999), No One Raises His Voice in Prayer (2003), The Country House (2007), The Bank Is Closed (2010), A Stone to the Chest (2013), The Usual Visits (2014) and Carioca Concert (2017). His poems have been translated into English, Portuguese, Arabic, and Italian, and they have been included in several anthologies, among others, The Open Canon. The Latest in Spanish Language Poetry (2015), published in Spain by Visor Libros.

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    A Stone to the Chest, winner of the Premio Alhambra de Poesía Americana, weaves together tango, soccer, and contemporary Argentine slang with echoes of Vallejo, Manrique, Gonzalo Rojas, and Cortázar. In this collection, stones are earth, stars, mountains, and water-smoothed pebbles. They are those surfaces where we draw petroglyphs; the material we use to...

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