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Alí Calderón (Mexico City, 1982) is a professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and an internationally recognized poet and literary critic. He holds a doctorate in Mexican Letters. He has received many prestigious awards, among them the Ramón López Velarde National Poetry Prize. He is the editor of several anthologies of poetry: La luz que va dando nombre (1965-1985), 20 años de la poesía última en México (2007) and El oro ensortijado, Poesía viva de México (2009). His recent works of poetry include En agua rápida (2013) and Las correspondencias (2015), which has come out in 2020 in an English translation by Jeremy Paden. His essays and poetry have been published in Mexico and other countries. The cosmopolitan nature of his work reflects his extensive travels throughout the Americas, the Middle East and Europe. He is one of the authors of Poesía ante la incertidumbre (2011),a pan-Hispanic anthology of the poets of his generation. He is the Director of the Mexico City International Poetry Festival and the co-founder and editor of theelectronic literary review and press Círculo de Poesía.

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    The Correspondences is a collection of urban poems set in Istanbul and Florence, New York City and Buenos Aires, the outskirts of Bogotá and Sarajevo. These poems are palimpsests that layer personal and historical memory over each other. They weave together contemporary Mexican vernacular with literary Spanish of the Barroco and Modernismo, the Spanish of...

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