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María Aveiga del Pino (Latacunga, Ecuador, 1964) is a writer, anthropologist and business woman. She graduated with a degree in Medicine from the Universidad Católica del Ecuador and in Anthropology from the Universidad Católica de Quito. She has undertaken research in the areas of Anthropology, Development and Quality Systems on national and international levels. As a business woman she has developed diverse urban projects in Quito (2000-2012). She has lived in Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Honduras and El Salvador. She has published the following collections of poems: Bajo qué carne nos madura (Mantis, 1999), Oc (Abrapalabra, 1993) and Puerto Cayo (Eskeletra, 2000); a book of short stories, Cuentos populares y mitos indígenas del Ecuador (Olañeta/Librimundi, 2003), and the ethnographic study La Pasión de Jesús. Alangasí (Ecuador Ministry of Culture Prize, 2012).

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    In Personal Anthology, Aveiga del Pino probes with potent fervor the deep mysteries of our identities upon which poetry is constructed. It is from these profound investigations that her poetry emerges, marked by the unconscious forces that define this genre. Among these mysteries are memory and the unification of the human body, thought, and desire. With...

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