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  • Gordon, Ivonne

    Ivonne Gordon Carrera Andrade nació en Quito, Ecuador.

    Es poeta, ensayista, traductora, y profesora titular de literatura latinoamericana en la Universidad de Redlands, Estados Unidos. Su tesis doctoral: La femineidad como máscara, es un estudio innovador sobre la obra poética de Gabriela Mistral. Entre sus galardones: Premio Poeta en Nueva York, otorgado por Valparaíso, USA; Premio Internacional de Poesía Hespérides (Argentina); Premio de poesía, Jorge Carrera Andrade (Ecuador); finalista del Premio Extraordinario Casa de las Américas (Cuba); finalista del Premio Internacional de poesía Francisco de Aldana (España); finalista Premio Andrés Bello (España); Mención de Honor Academia Oriente-Occidente (Rumanía), entre otros reconocimientos. Autora de más de una decena de libros, entre los más recientes, Water House (Casa de Agua), (Valparaíso USA, 2021), Salt Oracle (Elyssar Press, por salir), Diosas prestadas (Ediciones Torremozas, España, 2019), El tórax de tus ojos (Amargord, España, 2018), Ocurrencias del porvenir (Ediciones Hespérides, Argentina, 2018), Meditar de sirenas (La Trastienda, 3era Ed. Chile, 2019), Danza inoportuna (El Ángel Editor, Ecuador, 2016), Barro blasfemo (Ediciones Torremozas, España, 2009). Ha impartido conferencias magistrales, charlas y talleres de poesía, creación literaria y análisis de textos en diferentes universidades y foros internacionales. Ha sido invitada a los más importantes festivales de poesía internacional, su poesía consta en numerosas antologías en Latinoamérica, Europa, Canadá, Estados Unidos, África e India. Libros y poemas de su autoría han sido traducidos al inglés, rumano, griego, flamenco, y polaco. Obtuvo la beca Fullbright para investigar sobre los conversos en el Ecuador. Su producción poética ha sido de interés para destacados académicos, hay estudios importantes sobre su obra poética, y varios congresos sobre literatura han dedicado paneles sobre su trayectoria poética.

  • Gutiérrez Lozano, Javier

    The Mexican poet Javier Gutiérrez Lozano moved to Belgrade in an attempt to get to know the Balkans. Before his eyes there was revealed a people wounded by war, but at the same time passionate about life, and witha tireless faith in love. Through this book passes therecent history of a country that was once the heart of Europe, Yugoslavia, and the way in which the relentless paths of its nations make suffering a necessary recoursefor closeness.

  • Josephs, Allen

    Allen Josephs is a world-renowned Hemingway scholar and past president of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation and Society. Josephs was also President of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association in 2008. He has written 10 books, including “On Hemingway and Spain: Essays & Reviews 1979 – 2013” and “White Wall of Spain: The Mysteries of Andalusian Culture;” four critical editions of the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, and numerous articles published in the Atlantic, New Republic, New York Times Book Review and other scholarly publications. Currently, he is translating the work of Spanish poet Fernando Valverde.

    Josephs received the George B. Smith Arts and Letters Award by the National Association of Taurine Clubs for his book: “Ritual and Sacrifice in the Corrida” and was conferred an honorary membership in the Taurine Bibliophiles of America for his outstanding contributions to taurine scholarship.

  • Lanseros, Raquel

    Raquel Lanseros (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, 1973). Raquel Lanseros is one of the most significant voices in contemporary Spanish poetry. Among her most prominent books of poetry are Legends from the Promontory (2005), Diary of a Spark (2006), The Red Acacia (2008), The Eyes of the Fog (2008) and Croniria (2009). Recently, her poetry has been included in the antholo-gy Poetry Facing Uncertainty (2011). In 2014 she published both a book of poetry, Little Thorns are Little for which she received the Jaen Poetry Prize, and a translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s love poetry, Poemas de amor, in Valparaíso Ediciones.

    She has been awarded the Adonáis Prize (second place), the Unicaja Poetry Prize and the Antonio Machado Prize in Baeza. Her books have been translated into English and French.

  • Leyva, Waldo

    Waldo Leyva(Remates de Ariosa, Villa Clara, Cuba, 1943) is a Cuban writer, journalist and poet. He is the author of the following books of poetry:  De la ciudad y los héroes (1974), Desde el Este de  Angola (1976), Con mucha piel de gente (1983), El polvo de los caminos (1984), El rasguño de la piedra (1995), Breve antología del tiempo (2008), Asonancia del tiempo (2009), El rumbo de los días (awarded the 10th Casa de América Prize for American Poetry in 2010), and the anthology Cuando el cristal no reproduce el rostro (recipient of the Victor Valera Mora International Poetry Prize of Venezuela in 2012). He has offered courses on Esthetics and Cuban and Hispano-American Literature. He has directed various poetry reviews, among them Del Caribe and Letras cubanas. His works have been translated into Arabic, Bulgarian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Serbo-Croatian.

  • Lima, Alex

    Alex Lima (Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1975) moved to Brooklyn at the age of 15. He is the author of four poetry collections, Inverano (2008), Bilocaciones (2011), Alba (Artepoética 2015), and Híbrida cíclica (El Ángel Eds. 2017). His poems have also appeared in literary magazines and anthologies in the U.S. and abroad. He currently resides on Long Island where he teaches as Adjunct Professor of Spanish at Suffolk County Community College. He is currently working on the selected poems of Róger Santiváñez, a Peruvian poet based in New Jersey.

  • Manz Alaníz, Juan

    Juan Manz Alaníz (Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico)

  • Martínez Pérsico, Marisa

    Marisa Martínez Pérsico (Buenos Aires, 1978) holds a Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology from the University of Salamanca. Since 2010 she has taught Hispanic language and literature courses at several universities in Bulgaria, France, Italy and Serbia. At the age of eighteen she wrote her first collection of poems, Las voces de las hojas (Baobab, 1998), which had received First Prize in the “Río de la Plata II” Poetry Competition two years previously. Subsequent works by Martínez Pérsico include: Poética ambulante (2003), Los pliegos obtusos (2004) and La única puerta era la tuya (Verbum, Madrid, 2015), a book that was a finalist in the II International Poetry Prize “Pilar Fernández Labrador.” Her most recent book, The Sky Between Parentheses, came out in 2017. She has been invited to numerous poetry festivals, among them the Festival Internacional de la Poesía in Granada, Spain (2017) and Las líneas de su mano in Bogotá, Colombia, also in 2017. Since 2013 she has been a cultural journalist for La Nación in Argentina.

  • Martínez, Ramón

    Ramón Martínez López (Fuente Vaqueros, 1975). Received his Ph.D. in Hispanic Philology at the University of Granada. Territorial Delegate for Granada of the Collegial Writers Association (Autonomous Division of Andalucia). Coordinator of the International Poetry Festival of Granada. He has been a finalist in the Villa de Peligros Poetry Competition XXIX in 2014 with Septiembre en los armarios; in the Second City of Almuñécar International Poetry Prize in 2015 with Abril deshabitado; and in the Umbral Poetry Competition II of Valladolid in 2015 with Los que soñamos con la luna. He has obtained the Second Horacio Quiroga International Prize of Argentina in 2016, granted by the prestigious SADE (Argentine Society of Writers), an affiliate of the Zona Norte. First prize in the Third Bilingual International Literary Competition of the Asociación Cultural TraccePerLaMeta 2017 (Milan). Winner of the Manuel Salinas International Poetry Competition in 2017. Semi-Finalist in the Paralelo Cero International Poetry Competition in Ecuador, 2018. Winner of the Salvador Rueda International Poetry Prize XXVI in 2018.

  • McNeer, Gordon E.

    Gordon E. McNeer (Florida, United States, 1943). Gordon E. McNeer received his doctorate in Romance Languages from Princeton University.  He has lived and traveled in Spain and Latin America extensively. Dr. McNeer is known professionally as a poet and a translator of poetry.  He is the author of Mira lo que has hecho, Los hijos de Bob Dylan and Poems from Walden.

     Dr. McNeer began his career in 1998 as a translator of poetry with his edition of Cuaderno de Nueva York / New York Notebook, by Cervantes Prize laureate José Hierro. Starting with Poetry Facing Uncertainty in 2012, Dr. McNeer has concentrated on translating, editing and publishing contemporary Spanish and Latin American poets.  He is President of Valparaíso Ediciones Atlanta-Bogotá-Granada and  Director of Valparaíso USA, a bilingual poetry collection in the United States.

  • Meléndez, Mario

    Mario Meléndez (Linares, Chile, 1971). Mario Meléndez studied Journalism and Social Communication. His books include: Notes for a Legend, Underground Flight, The Paper Circus, Death Has Its Days Numbered, Waiting for Perec and The Magician of Loneliness. Part of his work was translated into various languages. For several years he lived in Mexico City, where he directed the series Poetas Latinoamericanos in the press Laberinto Ediciones and made anthologies of Chilean and Latin American poetry. At the beginning of 2012 he fixed his residence in Italy. In 2013 he received the medal of the President of the Italian Republic, awarded by the Don Luigi di Liegro International Foundation. During the period 2014-2016, he directed two collections of Latin American poetry for Raffaelli Editore, from Rimini. A selection of his work appeared in the prestigious magazine Poesia de Nicola Crocetti. At the beginning of 2015, he was included in the anthology El canon abierto. Last poetry in Spanish (Visor, Spain). In 2017 some of his poems were translated into English and published in the legendary Poetry Magazine. In 2018 he returned to Chile to become general editor of the Vicente Huidobro Foundation.

  • Moreno, María Paz

    María Paz Moreno (Madrid, Spain) is a poet, essayist and literary critic from Spain. Her books of poetry include:  The Seed Beneath the Asphalt (Botella, 1994), Change in Its Customs (Frutos del tiempo, 1996), Delayed Correspondance (Pre-Textos, 1999), Enemy Geography and Perverse Gifts (Libros del Innombrable, 2005), Greenhouse (Renacimiento, 2007), and The Bellies of Iguanas (Renacimiento, 2012). Moreno is a Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Cincinnati.

  • Oliver, Mary

  • Operé, Fernando

    Fernando Operé (Madrid, Spain,1946). Fernando Operé is a Spanish poet who has lived in the United States since 1978. He is a Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at the University of Virginia. During the past thirty-five years he has published several books on history and literary criticism and sixteen books of poetry. This present collection is a selection from his most recent books and reflects his love of travel.

  • Oquendo Troncoso, Xavier

    Xavier Oquendo Troncoso (Ambato, Ecuador, 1972). Xavier Oquendo has become one of the most relevant voices in the poetic tradition of Ecuador. In his native country, Xavier Oquendo Troncoso is the most significant representative of an esthetic that has as its guiding principle the return of poetry to the people.  He is one of the poets who figures in the international movement Poetry Facing Uncertainty.

  • Paden, Jeremy

    Jeremy Paden (Milán, Italia, 1974) es estadounidense criado en Nicaragua, Costa Rica y la República Dominicana. Se doctoró en Literatura Hispanoamericana Colonial en la Universidad de Emory (2004). Es autor de los poemarios Broken Tulips (Accents Press, 2012), ruina montium (Broadstone Press, 2016, en inglés; Valparaíso Ediciones, 2018, en español), prison recipes (Broadstone Press, 2018) y world as sacred burning heart (3: A Taos Press, 2020). Su poemarioAutorretrato como una iguana (Valaparíso USA, 2021) fue co-ganador del I Premio Poeta en Nueva York 2019, organizado por la editorial Valparaíso. Es co-coordinador de la antología Black Bone: 25 Years of Affrilachian Poetry (U of Kentucky P, 2018) y autor de varios ensayos sobre literatura colonial, poesía del Siglo de Oro y otros temas literarios. Es traductor de varios poetas argentinos, chilenos, mexicanos y españoles. Es autor también de Bajo el sol del ocelote/Under the Ocelot Sun, un libro bilingüe para niños (traducido al español por Oswaldo Estrada y el autor) co-ganador del premio Campoy-Ada 2020 por sus imágenes y contenido. cultural. Actualmente es profesor de lengua española y literatura latinoamericana en la Universidad de Transylvania en Lexington, y enseña clases de traducción literaria para el programa de maestría de Spalding University en Louisville.

  • Peña, Camila

    Camila Peña Abril (Cuenca, Ecuador, 1995). Born in Cuenca, Ecuador. Public Affairs. Masters in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies with a concentration in Comparative Literature. Literary Theory and Retoric from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Professor of classical ballet and a bailarina with nineteen years of studies and with experience in the creation of works of dance and artistic projects. Her poems hae been published in the Ecuadoran literary review Salud a la esponja and her work in scientific journalism in the newspaper El Tiempo. She has participated in the workshops Poesía avanzado and Relato breve de la escuela de escritores in Madrid. Jardín transparente is her first collection of poems.

  • Prado, Benjamín

    Benjamín Prado (Madrid, Spain, 1961). Prado offers us a rich intertextual collection of fresh and compelling poems.  Inspired by Bob Dylan’s iconic poem Shelter from the Storm, there are references to Paul Celan, Milton, Coleridge. Cernuda, Rimbaud, Lorca, Machado and many others including Pound and Hemingway.  Prado weaves these figures into his text not merely as fellow poets, but as essential to the themes he writes about: love, cities, creativity, loneliness, the sea, the sky, his doubts and his existential searches.  Prado engages us all in his poetry. It is not esoteric; it speaks to everyman.  Gordon E. McNeer captures the essence of Prado’s language and poetic meaning with clarity and faithfulness.  His English is idiomatic and poetic.  This collection will be of great interest to all of us who teach Hispanic poetry as well as to all lovers of poetry.

    Joseph Schraibman

Showing 21 - 40 of 49 items