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Eliana Maldonado Cano was born in 1978 in Medellín, Colombia. She holds an MSc degree in Engineering in Earth Sciences. She has a diploma in Didactics of Children’s and Youth Literature from the San Buenaventura University and a diploma in Library Management from the Alberto Hurtado University in Chile. She has a PhD in Literature from Antioquia University, with a thesis on the Quechua Poetics present in the work of José María Arguedas. She has also carried out research at the Freie University in Berlin.


Her most recent work, Those Women in Miniature (Pygmalion 2019) consists of a prose work that relates the lives of nineteen women from her city. In this new book she also presents her own life experiences and what she lived and felt in the ancestral world of the Latin American Andes. Her books have been translated into English, French and Portuguese.

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    Wayrayaripay’s poems are tributes to the wind, languages, territories, and vegetation searches. They find themselves in transit towards a collective speech that is gestated and harvested in the hands of invisible, healing presences. Words of others who paint us and sing to us at dawn.  SELNICH VIVAS HURTADO   Maldonado brings Quechua, Spanish and English...

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