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Camila Peña Abril (Cuenca, Ecuador, 1995). Born in Cuenca, Ecuador. Public Affairs. Masters in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies with a concentration in Comparative Literature. Literary Theory and Retoric from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Professor of classical ballet and a bailarina with nineteen years of studies and with experience in the creation of works of dance and artistic projects. Her poems hae been published in the Ecuadoran literary review Salud a la esponja and her work in scientific journalism in the newspaper El Tiempo. She has participated in the workshops Poesía avanzado and Relato breve de la escuela de escritores in Madrid. Jardín transparente is her first collection of poems.

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    Jardín transparente by Camila Peña has the slowness of the earth and of its roots and also its fertility. Camila speaks from her voice as a baby-girl bird, transforms all that is human into vegetable material, fragile, so alive, where silver spiders pass by, where we feel the sacred nature of mud. Her language is reborn in the wound that bleeds sap and...

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