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Fernando Operé (Madrid, Spain,1946). Fernando Operé is a Spanish poet who has lived in the United States since 1978. He is a Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature at the University of Virginia. During the past thirty-five years he has published several books on history and literary criticism and sixteen books of poetry. This present collection is a selection from his most recent books and reflects his love of travel.

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    Historia de un escenario is a journey through forty years of the life of a theatrical troupe in Spanish from the University of Virginia that has performed fifty-two works in different styles and from various sources. This book organizes in catalog form the casts and photographs of all the teatrical productions, in addition to incorporating critical and...

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    A constant thread in Operé’s poetry is travel. Since he left Spain in order to study in the United States his steps have taken him on a journey through two American continents and all around the world. Operé tells us that traveling is for him a source of inspiration and a way to connect with a world that he does not understand. In this way, poetry is a...

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