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57. Wild, Little Wind


Fangge DuPan was an early-gerneration poet in Taiwan’s modern poetic scene. She wrote ceaselessly, first in Japanese, then in Mandarin and Hakka, bearing witness to the history of Taiwanese poetry and the social changes in Taiwanese poetry and in Taiwanese society with her poetic creations. The two main themes in her poems are the conversation with the political hegemonic regime and the salvation of the pious Christian faith. . . In her unique female poet’s soft, taunting voice, she condemned the violent cruelty of the regime that massacred her family members and, with Christian love, tolerated and guided the force that moved society forward. Fangge DuPan has not only set an example for Hakka female poets but was also an extraordinary figure in the modern Taiwanese poetic scene.

Fernando Valverde

Author Fangge DuPan
Translation Bei-Jing Chan
ISBN 978-1-951370-29-9
Pages 68
Format Paperback

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On this endless earth

of death and war, of suffering

and pain, of torment,

who knows His will?


I see life eternal.


Over this earth, under this sky

blows that wild, little wind

and wipes away the stench of spattered blood


a refreshing spring.