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Wayrayaripay’s poems are tributes to the wind, languages, territories, and vegetation searches. They find themselves in transit towards a collective speech that is gestated and harvested in the hands of invisible, healing presences. Words of others who paint us and sing to us at dawn.



Maldonado brings Quechua, Spanish and English in conversation. She rejects any hierarchy of languages and opts for the network of equal give and take among languages.


Author Eliana Maldonado Cano
ISBN 978-1-951370-24-4
Pages 128
Format Paperback

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I’ve given birth to a son.
It’s a surprise because I didn’t know
I had him in my belly.
There is yellowish liquid on the floor, blood
and a high-pitched crying in the other room.
One last reaction impels me to push and a
mass of arteries and veins
detaches from me until it falls to the ground.
I must bury it, the blood, I remember.
It is the thing that will keep him connected to the earth,
I was told.