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48. Transparent Garden


Jardín transparente by Camila Peña has the slowness of the earth and of its roots and also its fertility. Camila speaks from her voice as a baby-girl bird, transforms all that is human into vegetable material, fragile, so alive, where silver spiders pass by, where we feel the sacred nature of mud. Her language is reborn in the wound that bleeds sap and evoques the beauty of one who has scarcely opened her eyes to cry out, laugh and weep.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Natalia García Freire

Author Camila Peña Abril

ISBN 978-1-951370-20-6
Pages 173
Format Paperback

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A pair of faded wings draws near, a brilliant blue about

     to expire. Among the green that

soothes, it is a gente death: the absurd reality

     of flowers.