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6. The Correspondences


The Correspondences is a collection of urban poems set in Istanbul and Florence, New York City and Buenos Aires, the outskirts of Bogotá and Sarajevo. These poems are palimpsests that layer personal and historical memory over each other. They weave together contemporary Mexican vernacular with literary Spanish of the Barroco and Modernismo, the Spanish of the conquistadors with modern sensationalist journalism. They are poems of love and death, that reference Dante, Petrarch and Ibn al-Ahnaf, and also text messages, ultrasounds, social media, billboard advertisements and graffiti. This is a series of letter send by a poet by a journey into language as he seeks to bring together, the private world Confessionalist poetry with the public world of the poetry of witness.

Author Alí Calderón
Translation Jeremy Paden
ISBN 978-0-9909241-5-9
Pages 135
Format Paperback

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another corpse found in a black bag
near there a body the wind a bridge
two blocks away: a head full of hair eyes open
in other news: thirty executed over the weekend bullet
            to the head some with signs of torture the failed
            rescue of a kidnapping a finger a ring a wad
            of newspaper
in other news: the campaigns have ended have begun
            there is good will in Washington immigration reform
            over the last two months there has been a one point
            drop in poverty rates in wellbeing in luck

in the distance a truck rumbles

and then silence

they open the black bag
the stench the mold on the body:

a new born girl