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Historia de un escenario


Historia de un escenario is a journey through forty years of the life of a theatrical troupe in Spanish from the University of Virginia that has performed fifty-two works in different styles and from various sources. This book organizes in catalog form the casts and photographs of all the teatrical productions, in addition to incorporating critical and informational texts regarding the role of theater in university education in the United States.

Author Fernando Operé y Fernando Valverde
ISBN 978-19-513700-4-6

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Struggling against time and fashion, theater has managed to avoid the advances of  the media in film technology and live television. García Lorca once said that theater is poetry that springs forth from the book to become human, and that upon becoming human it speaks, cries out, weeps and despairs.  In this phrase is gathered up the sense of mystery that theater had for him. Perhaps in search of that mystery, of his suggestive poetry, with the awareness that there is something that transcends work and monotony, I have dedicated so many years of my life, to its exciting and innovative exercise.

(Fernando Operé)