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51. Exquisite Corpse


Thought-provoking, wry, intelligent, and moving, Exquisite Corpse explores urban life, academic arrogance, female sexuality, existential concepts of being, and always, the beauty and comfort of music, nature and poetry. Inspired by Dadaism’s love of the unpredictable, this book also challenges traditional notions of poetic form. It includes graphics, shape poems, aphorisms, philosophical broadsides, and even a free-form meditation on poetry itself in which Urriola’s thoughts repeat, weave, and turn back on themselves like riffs in the jazz she adores.

Author Malú Urriola
Translation Elena Barcia
ISBN 978-1-951370-23-07
Pages 211
Format Paperback

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To write like some one beginning an ocean journey who has never

sailed before, who has never gone deeper than where

your feet touch the sand.

I threw myself into an unknown world and I live

not knowing how to swim.


This was perhaps my only brave feat and the most delicious

of all my daring deeds.