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45. Whispering Ashes


Whispering Ashes is Isabel Gómez Sobrino’s first book of poems. This book embodies the memories and life experiences that the poetic voice uses to explain its relationship to the world.


These poems undertake an exploration of the different dilemmas of death, life and displaced homecomings stitched together by time. There is an underlying struggle with the fact of leaving the home and living in a foreign country only to realize the power acquired by adapting to a new reality and the nostalgia of leaving important people, places, and experiences behind. The poetic voice delves into the challenges of living as a woman in the 21st century and the silences that women have assumed. The exercise of writing and a source of inspiration seep through these verses.

Isabel Gómez Sobrino
ISBN 978-1-951370-17-6
Pages 103
Format Paperback

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They shaped you from a tradition
of church and duty.
Brave and profound,
you let your dreams rinse off in the river.

I molded myself out of hope and freedom,
of a future that drinks with me.
Life created by flowers where death is a promise
without confinement.