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40. Eternity Was Shaped Like Her Lips


To be born a poet in Fuente Vaqueros entails a certain risk, but Ramón Martínez López does not blink, entering fully into the lyrical love poetry inspired by Petrarch and Dante, by Bécquer and above all by Lorca. Without imitating, he incorporates themes and techniques that call to mind his great paisano Federico, in particular the sonnets and the love poems of Divan del Tamarit. This personal anthology, Eternity Was Shaped Like Her Lips, honors a great tradition in an original and personal manner. If you want to survive love, you need to read this deeply insightful collection.


Allen Josephs

Author Ramón Martínez
ISBN 978-1-951370-12-1
Pages 135
Format Paperback

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Maybe I never cross the Brooklyn Bridge,

nor see how the skyscrapers scratch the sky

in the New York night.


Maybe I never wander on Wall Street,

absorbed by the frantic crowds
in this world built office by office.

Maybe I never spend a night in Manhattan,
nor sail the waters of the Hudson,
nor touch your chest on the 40th floor of my life.


Maybe, just maybe, perhaps never, even still.