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44. The Belly of an Iguana


One of the most interesting poets that has emerged in Spanish poetry over the last few years (…) her work is born out of a gaze based on a quiet, attentive stillness. It feels good to read her, like sipping from a potion that helps us recognize ourselves and conforts us while we look at the footprints left behind that are already beginning to fade.

Martín López-Vega

Author María Paz Moreno
ISBN 978-1-951370-16-9
Pages 89
Format Paperback

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Arise every morning

when the room arises

flooded with light. The cordillera

undresses beneath the brume

like a Venus emerging from the waters.                                                      


May the day grant me peace,

clarity of thought,

may my silence be filled with words

precise and necessary

from the greenhouse

elevated like a miracle over the jungle,

where each day

new insects stretch out their wings

before taking flight.


May the grace of writing

also arise from my fingers.