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37. Trapeze of Insomnia


Trapeze of Insomnia is a collection of the author’s poetry that includes works from Oro verde (1982), Tres veces espejo (1996), Ciudad de siempre (1998), Padre viejo (2000), Sonata de tierra adentro (2002), Agua reparada (2005), Molinar sin aspas (2006), Recital en fuga (2007), Dispensario (2012), Trashumo de mirada (2013), Madera la mañana (2016) and Cotidinarios (2020). Since 1986, he has coordinated a creative writing workshop at the Jesús Corral Ruíz Public Library. In 2003, he founded the International Writers’ Festival Bajo el Asedio de los Signos; in June 2010, he founded the writers’ association Escritores de Cajeme, A.C. He has received various national and international awards for his work, including those granted by the following organizations: Escritores de Sonora, A.C., at the II Festival de la Palabra in 2007; the gold medal for poetic excellence from the Casa del Poeta Peruano in Cajamarca, Peru, in 2009; and the prize of the Instituto Sonorense de Cultura, which dedicated the Hermosillo Book Fair to him in 2013. His work has been translated into English, French, Italian and German.

Author Juan Manz
Translation by Robin Myers
ISBN 978-1-951370-09-1
Pages 313
Format Paperback

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I wake up short of breath

     and leap overbared

The insomniac’s trapeze

a three-ring dream

     empty and mortal in the turn

I tumble in procession,

catching the violent scent of citrus blossom

of earth kicked up


I coil myself into

     the neuralgic whirlwind

I overturn the hurdle of ideas

that trundle past the towering depths

like black sheep