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Written in the extraordinary circumstances of 2020, a year of rekoning, in Americana-lcd Luis Correa-Díaz casts an original and distinctly postmodern light on this country. A heady cocktail of poetry in Spanish contemplates America from the Founding Fathers to the recent presidential inauguration, evoking along the way Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the assassination of MLK and the Vietnam War. King Alfonso X the Wise looks Elvis and Marilyn in the eye, and together they sing with the Beat poets and the Avengers. Snippets of the poems dance with screen shots from Correa-Díaz’s Iphone, recontextualizing the texts they are drawn from. And Pavel Ortega’s drawings, more than illustrate, dialogue with each of the poems, offering a new and original understanding of them, and making for that very reason Correa Díaz’s book the equivalent of a graphic novel in verse. This is poetry that speaks powerfully to us about today, and in so doing transcends the moment and will be just as meaningful tomorrow.

 Anthony Geist

Author Luis Correa-Díaz
ISBN 978-1-951370-13-8 
Pages 186
Format Paperback

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blues, nothing but blues,

blues always blues, John

Lee Hooker, for

one, worshiping

another, Big Mamma

Thornton, in them the blues

and in those who embody

our most recondite song and

which is the pain of living,

root blossomed into spirituals,

work songs, in stories

with feelings being reborn

over the rocky landscape

of the cities, blues

from the Deep South, venero

of our oblivions, melisma

of the aracial singing of tomorrow