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38. Poems from Walden


In 2020 a worldwide pandemic changed the world. Mankind, vulnerable creatures whose bodies could be devastated by a single particle of virus in the air, saw themselves forced to return to the forests, to the life of nature, to primordial solitude. Gordon E. McNeer takes us back to Walden, where Henry David Thoreau spent two years, two months and two days. The Poems from Walden enter into the heart of the forest, where the heartbeat of solitude is felt like a blow to the chest. Capable as no one else of blending traditional and contemporary language, Gordon E. McNeer has written a book that reflects on a time of death, fear and solitude.

Fernando Valverde

Author Gordon E. McNeer
ISBN 978-1-951370-10-7  
Pages 69
Format Paperback

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For Vicente Aleixandre


To grow old

to cross a bridge

and let the waters down below

stir the child and set the stone.


To feel the evening

shadows come to rest

upon our shoulders

the cold the dread         

broken blood and bones

of those gone on ahead.


To listen to the voice

that bids us stay a while.

To listen to the soul

that fears the darkness

vast and wide and cries