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36. Notes for a Legend


Notes for a Legend (Mario Meléndez, Linares, Chile, 1971) is one of the most original voices of his generation. His poetry springs forth from great masters the likes of Vicente Huidobro and Julio Cortázar, but from there his sense of humor and of the macabre take over. One must-read poem is “My cat wants to be a poet.”: At a book signing, “I recognized him immediately/by his big whiskers and hairy tale/ but I said nothing.” The book ends with “The Last Supper” which is nothing like what the reader expects. Do not pass this book up.

Author Mario Meléndez
Translation Rod Hudson
ISBN 978-1-951370-08-4
Pages 91
Format Paperback

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At times

when I get drunk

words take me home

on an old wooden tricycle

And far from removing my shoes

and putting me to bed

as would normally happen in these cases

they leave me sprawled in the garden

covered with ants

and with my face stuck to

the garden lamp

“That’s what you get for writing bad poems”

they tell me

and go off singing and laughing


my last beer