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27. Reading Our Surroundings


Mario Calderón’s poems are intensely original because they enhance their meaning by virtue of etymology, or the symbolic dimension of words. Beneath these poems lies a hypothesis about the structure of what we call “reality.” Calderón exposes the idea that, by way of the symbolic decipherment of any person’s surroundings, it is possible to know data about their present, past, and even their future. Does free will exist? Does destiny? Calderón answers these questions with poetry and after twenty-five years of successfully testing his method of reading before physicists, psychologists, psychoanalysts and amazed readers.

Author Mario Calderón
Translation by Alison Posey
Pages 131
Format Paperback
Book dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
ISBN 978-1-7326916-7-4

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One can know

past and present

including the future of people

without their telling it

if we decipher their plastic wrappings.

It is a text to be read

from four languages:

pictorial, symbolic,

denotative and one’s own projection.