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25. Detroit Doesn't Love Us Anymore


Miguel Rollón’s voice speaks to those who feel deeply, who will be able to find reflection and relief at the heart of this collection. In this book, no night is like the next one: children crisscross the border between youth and adulthood, while adults realize that they were never as old as they are today.  True poetry cures us, saves us, and brings us closer, even in our worst moments. Miguel Rollón’s poetry preserves the authenticity of having seen the world, broken-hearted, in his own suffering and in the suffering of others.

Author Miguel Rollón
Translation Caroline Whitcomb and Alexa Jeffress
ISBN 978-1-7326916-5-0
Pages 139
Format Paperback

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Madrid sleeps
in the windowless room
of a pensión.

The silent streets
carry lips
painted red.

There’s no noise,
save the rustle of my car.

The pale city
seems dead, like the negative
of an undeveloped photo.

I turn on the radio,
the voice of an announcer
on the station dial
with a bad signal
repeats tirelessly
the same melody

“Detroit doesn’t love you anymore”