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23. Selected Poems


Waldo Leyva was born in Remates de Ariosa, Villa Clara, Cuba, in 1943. He belongs to a generation of poets who have attempted to popularize poetry with a conversational tone and who have defended its inevitable connection to other artistic manifestations, especially music and painting. He is one of the most brilliant authors of the last three decades in Cuba and has had an important impact on many contemporary poets.


Fernando Valverde

Author Waldo Leyva
Translation Natasha Cline
ISBN 978-1-7326916-3-6
Pages 123
Format Paperback

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Perhaps you don’t know, Isolda; the blue hydrangeas

next to your door had to do with the last expression of

John Lennon, that unique way of looking at the camera

that only those have who know that behind the lens is

just emptiness, not the crowd. I looked in the mirror

many times, but it’s imposible, the secret expression is

betrayed only when the glass doesn’t reproduce your face.