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22. Persistence of Tattoos


Gabriel Chávez Casazola is one of the most suggestive and recognized poets in his country. Possessing a simple and deep language that transforms his poetic words into new words, his international impact extends to all Latin American countries, where his poetry has earned the unanimous admiration of critics. Persistence of Tattoos is a stunning book whose intense poetic tremor will surprise readers… Everything is real within his verses; his words are born from the clear fountain of experience.  Authentic poetry that feels, thinks, and projects light over the least illuminated corners of existence.


Raquel Lanseros

Author Gabriel Chávez Casazola
Translation Guadalupe Robles
ISBN 978-1-7326916-2-9
Pages 99
Format Paperback

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An ink butterfly has landed on the back of that girl.


An ink butterfly that will outlive the youth

of the skin that it has chosen.


When the girl becomes an old woman, there it will rest,

still in its youth, the butterfly.


How will the girl’s back look

once the youth of her skin has left?


Will butterflies fly on the backs of the old girls,

will they wrinkle their wings over deathbeds

            will tramp stamp ink flowers

dry and die where their backs divide?