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13. Shelter From the Storm




All of Benjamín Prado’s poems are a step forward and, above all, a step within; they are combative, moving, accessible; they touch a nerve that touches all of us, and they are unanimously confessional because they are at the same time his autobiography and our own. And there is –besides– their tone and their rhythm and their beat and their music . . . In these times of confusion in which so many poems seem either hieroglyphics or letters to the editor, the poetry of Benjamín Prado offers a shoulder to cry on, lips to kiss and a mirror in which to see ourselves. Try to read them without being moved and you’ll see that you can’t do it.

Joaquín Sabina

Author Benjamín Prado
Translation Gordon E. McNeer
ISBN 978-0-9988982-3-0
Pages 96
Format Paperback

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Careful about judging those that you love:

if you look at them under a loupe,

they will begin to burn.

Never write so that others will know you,

but so that they will know who they are.