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02. Croniria


Croniria is a work that echoes the words of Antonio Machado - who defined poetry as the word in time - by redefining poetry as love in time. Croniria is an intense and intimate treatise on love that reflects the poet’s multifaceted life as poet, scholar, translator and lover.  They are playful, ironic and erudite poems that encompass a cultural panorama from the classics to the Rolling Stones. 

Author Raquel Lanseros
Translation Gordon E. McNeer
ISBN 978-0-9909241-1-1
Pages 104
Format Paperback

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You knew almost everything
beloved body of mine
fragile lens of fire.

Almost everything that I have learned
you anticipated for me
  with a light trembling
  with an inexplicable obfuscation   
  with the fleeting spirit of clouds   
  with a festival of desire.
Pitiful certainty unnoticed.

 How many attempts at analysis
what a severe dissection of existence
so that the algorithms of reason might produce
at the end, in the end, by the end
results identical
to the fruit of my skin.
Instinctive conventional wisdom
secular code of the epidermis
draw your chalice near to me.