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Youth Trilogy


Youth Trilogy focuses on growing up in Taiwan, especially the teen years from 14 to 19 years of age. The first section of this book centers on the theme of love and sexual discovery. The second section is mainly set in the school, showing the main caracter intermittently taking his education seriously and being truant from class. The third section depicts the main caracter leaving home for college and facing the world. . . This work gives the reader a deep understanding of the experience of Hakka people in Taiwan. It should be read by everyone who is interested in the profound cultural diversity of Taiwan.

Christopher Lupke

Author Ching-Fa Wu
Translation Yok-Him Devn
ISBN 978-1-951370-30-5
Pages 316
Format Paperback

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The evening wind was a bit chilly when I went back to Qiu-Kiug’s house with the hoe on my shoulders. I buttoned up my open shirt. Along with the wind’s rustling sound among the weeds, I vaguely heard what Qiu-Kiug once said to me.

     “I think Romeo and Juliet were happy, they died together in love. . .”

      Qiu-Kiug must’ve felt infinitely lonely whe she died. She had to walk the last mile by herself and in silence.

     I don’t know what I would come across in the years to come, but right this moment, I knew clearly that from this day on, a big part of my life had alrady been buried under the cold earth along with Qiu-Kiug . . .