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29. Personal Anthology


In Personal Anthology, Aveiga del Pino probes with potent fervor the deep mysteries of our identities upon which poetry is constructed. It is from these profound investigations that her poetry emerges, marked by the unconscious forces that define this genre. Among these mysteries are memory and the unification of the human body, thought, and desire. With a precise gaze, Aveiga del Pino sheds light on the resolution of human acts and the primordial relationship between the actor and the transgressor in such a way that, through the lyrical conjunction of the opposites that appear in this anthology, the known world and the transcendental become wholly integrated.



Author María Aveiga del Pino
Pages 135
Format Paperback
ISBN 978-1-7326916-9-8

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I don’t want to hear the trickle of the light
the known temptation of its face.
I uproot like fruit the foreseen
pregnancy of dreams and abandonment.

I drink from Oc the fire
that doesn’t possess time
because I am the clawing in the beginning
and for God
his genital grief.