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26. The Sky Between Parentheses


Marisa Martínez Pérsico’s voice establishes its own border between lucidity and dreams, between the exterior world and intimacy. The body tells and sings its own story, because feeling skin is a similar experience to crossing a city or touching an idea with your hands. The moment of this poetry occurs in the place of instinct and meditation, of knowing and wishing. The certainties of the sky are placed between parentheses because there are borders that are created so that poetry may cross them and establish its contraband of memory and silence. Always on the other side of things, reality listens from behind a door and caters to imagination from the other shore of that which has already happened or from what could perhaps repeat itself in a different way. Professor and poet, Marisa Martínez Pérsico unifies narrative impulses with pure lyricism, knowledge of tradition with the living time of tomorrow, materiality with escape. She has the gift of first times and second chances.

                                                                                                           Luis García Montero

Author Marisa Martínez Pérsico
Translation by Savannah Aigner and Amanda Krehbiel-Nadri
Pages 137
Format Paperback
Book dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 inches

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Why don’t we

go on vacation to Bosnia?

It’s been your question

for years now.


You flipped through the magazine Bell’Europa

and strolled around the house

with a painting

of the old Jewish cemetery.


In the photo of the shop

that prays to Cvjecara

the flowers grow in the rock

through the impacts

made by the mortars.


There are orchids on sale,

for lovers

and the dead, so you told me.


Why not plan

a trip to Herzegovina

this summer?