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31. Contemporary Colombian Poetry


The contemporary Colombian poets that we present in this anthology write originally and from a variety of perspectives about poetry itself. Some translate the reality of a country that is reaching the bicentennial of its independence without having defined the parable of loneliness that Gabriel García Márquez depicted in his Macondan universe. The present anthology allows readers from the United States to get to know a Colombia different from the one they see in the news and on television. These poets invite them to see a country where, as the great poet Aurelio Arturo would say, el verde es de todos los colores: green is made of all colors.

Selection by Allen Josehps
ISBN 978-1-951370-01-5
Pages 255
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Grandma Margot’s wardrobe
was life itself.
There all the superstions became legend
and the portraits stuck to the mirror narrated
short family stories of old tales of the Caribbean.
There she collected stamps of her saints:
Infant Jesus of Prague, Our Lady of Mount Carmel
and a small statue of Saint Anthony
who always made lost things reappear in the house.