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20. Manumission


Manumission means freeing a slave, but in this work we have the consciousness that, in reality, we all continue to share the fate of freed slaves in the twenty-first century, dependent on superior forces that control us, dominate us and mark our paths.


                                                                                   Remedios Sánchez

                                                                                   University of Granada


Manumission doesn’t attempt to shake our consciousness, but rather to tighten it, make it enter in dialogue with us. It’s difficult to find a book better written, and which deals with all of its themes, presenting a vision so committed to human solidarity. A book like this has been needed urgently.


                                                                                   Sergio Arlandis

                                                                                   University of Valencia

Author José Cabrera Martos
Translation Sophia Neitsch
ISBN 978-1-7326916-0-5
Pages 99
Format Paperback

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The guardian of bones tells time

that fresh fruit will never arrive

and you keep buying it from the stores apples flavored dream-green

of promised land, of forest or kiss wrapped in a newspaper note

shotgun shells that don’t scare off the wolves the refrigerator sadly cannot

close admit it for months

and love can never return from the poplars.