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16. I love you too


“For many, it takes an entire lifetime to understand that poetry exists in the world like the wind blows or fire burns us. There are poets who, instead of looking for poetry, spend their lives trying to invent it.

Sara Búho follows the black cat into a room in the dark, as Charles Simic de-fined that search for authentic poets, as exasperating and intense as it is full of uncertainty.

In spite of her youth, Sara is traveling a path that began in La Línea, in a cor-ner of Spain, and is going to take her to the place where the mystery occurs, where the horizon is a precipice.

This is the result, an authentic poetry closely based in reality but that doesn’t allow itself to be dominated by it, a root grown into the sky, a secret in your hands that will talk to you in silence.”

Fernando Valverde

Author Sara Búho
Gordon E. McNeer

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