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03. Bastion


Elvira Sastre defines herself as “resistant to all that’s impossible and a dreamer of the ingenuous.”  Voices like the one that Elvira revealed to us in her first book and confirms in Bastion, her second book now published by Valparaíso, allow us to affirm that poetry in the Spanish language renews itself in every generation and that poets like Elvira Sastre open new windows and allow the light of its poetic tradition to filter through her poems, endowed with an irresistible strength that never leaves us indifferent.

Author Elvira Sastre
Translation Gordon E. McNeer
ISBN 978-0-9909241-2-8
Pages 186
Format Paperback

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Pestilent joke of life,
accursed sadness.
Suicidal vermin
that only seeks to torture the soul
while rejoicing in its putrefaction.
Emetic attack
that finding shelter in a fit of retching survives
and joins forces with the air,
impregnating the very breath of a voice.
And neither do they kill you nor do you kill:
you only devastate, dilute and destroy.
And even so you find salvation
in the inspiration of ruined poets,
dead hands that expel you crippled with pain;
in ruined words,
spat out in phrases worn away by time;
in looks that sentence death,

        dilemma between your body and mine.