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José Cabrera Martos (Jáen, 1977). Poet, literary critic and Ph.D. in the Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature. He has been a professor at Beijing University (China). A spokesperson for the Board of Directors of the Andalusian Association of Writers and Critics and for the International Association of Humanism in Solidarity. He has published the following collections of poems: Sombra deshabitada (2002), Fanales entre el agua (2003) y Goethica (2009). He has been awarded with the Genil Prize for Literature, the National Prize for Poetry by the City of Ceuta and the Francisco Izquierdo Prize in the Essay. His work has been collected in diverse anthologies and translated into English, French and Arabic. He has been selected by more than two hundred critics from more than one hundred universities (Harvard, Oxford, La Sorbone, Madrid, Barcelona...) as among the seventy most relevant Spanish language poets in the world born after 1970 (El canon abierto)


Remedios Sánchez, 2015).

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    Manumission means freeing a slave, but in this work we have the consciousness that, in reality, we all continue to share the fate of freed slaves in the twenty-first century, dependent on superior forces that control us, dominate us and mark our paths.                                                                                      Remedios Sánchez...

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